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Sitetype take care of everything. Not only will we design your website from scratch in close collaboration with you, making it as unique as you, our team will organise the website hosting, domain name and developing your website using the latest technologies at affordable prices.


Domain name

You can either register your domain name yourself or Sitetype can register it for you. You pay annually for the domain registration. Once you have a domain name it will be pointed to the server, where your website will be built and hosted on. Read more about domain names.


Hosting your website

Your website is hosted on a webserver. You can think of a webserver as really powerful and fast computer that output to the internet. There is a small monthly 'rental' fee to host your website on our web servers. Learn more about website hosting.

Web Design

Website Design

At the heart of it, we’re a creative agency. Let us refresh your look with simple and cost effective tweaks that will keep your website ahead of the curve. We take pride in every website that we create, and each website is designed from scratch to meet your specific needs.

All our web designers are trained in search engine optimisation, usability and accessibility, ensuring the finished project is a pleasure to use and encourages visitors to purchase from you. Read more about website designs by Sitetype.


Web Development

We are more than just web designers, we are web developers. What this means is that in addition to designing beautiful designs, we will create a solid, reliable, mobile friendly, responsive and secure system that will last.

Web Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

Creating a successful and beautiful website for you and your business is only the beginning. Once the website is online and in the public domain, we can provide you with routine support to ensure your website remains as effective as when it was first designed.

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